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How does it work?

1. Tell us who you are

Using your address, photos, contact information, etc. we will complete your profiles on the main sites on which your customers look for you. We can even create your Google My Business listing if you don’t have one.

2. Follow your updates

Our task is a complex one and we want to be transparent. Ensure that your information is used correctly in real time across all of the sites that matter.

3. Measure the impact

Monitor the statistics relating to your Google listing, such as number of views, searches, calls from Google, people who have used their GPS to get to you and clicks on your website.

4. Take control of your reputation

Got a review? Get an e-mail notification and locate them all, whether they have been left on Google, Facebook or Tripadvisor. Filter by score, date, site or keyword.

5. Play an active role in establishing your reputation

Filter by score, date, site or keyword to easily respond to your customers or use our pre-defined messages to make it even faster and respond in 1 click.

6. Receive reports by e-mail

Receive both weekly and monthly reports outlining the number of new reviews received, the average score and the number of high-risk reviews for the period in question.

7. Send invitations

Add the names and phone numbers of your satisfied customers to your Partoo account so they can be sent a text message inviting them to leave you a Google review; 42% of invitations sent result in a 5-star review. | Reputation Boost option |

8. Your customer receives a text message and submits a review in one click


Your customer will instantly receive a link that redirects to your Google listing. All they have to do is write a review and click publish; the positive review will appear on your Google My Business listing.

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