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How do you control your e-reputation?

When it comes to local SEO, reviews are king, reviews are what people trust. Maybe you don’t have enough reviews, or you don’t know how to respond to them, or maybe you want to delete a review? Here are the things you need to know to stay in control of your reviews.

The importance of reviews  

Let’s be honest: everyone reads reviews. Studies have shed a lot of light on this issue. 82% of Internet-users, for example, will read reviews before choosing which local businesses to support, be they in the area surrounding their place of residence or their place of work, or, better still, where they are holidaying or travelling to. Reviews are a sign of confidence, especially on highly reputable sites such as Google, Facebook and Tripadvisor (mainly for hotels and restaurants).

Not having any reviews on these platforms is unfortunately perceived negatively by prospective customers and of course by Google as well. Without reviews, the service will come across as being far too new to be trusted. With this in mind, then, the first thing to do is to ask your customers to leave you a review!


Number of Internet users who read reviews


Only 18% of internet users would visit an establishment with fewer than 3 stars

OK, reviews, but what kind of reviews?

Positive reviews, of course!

Reviews are the new word of mouth, but in order for them to work in your favour, the reviews must be positive. Whether in the eyes of Google or in the eyes of your future customers, it is the positive reviews that will have the real impact on your visibility and reputation. The important thing is to have a good reputation.

Google will summarise the information in the form of its star rating and Facebook with positive or negative recommendations. Don’t miss out on positive reviews: ask your customers! 

Number of reviews read by an Internet user before purchase

How many reviews do

you need to have?

More than your competitors!

For Google, you always need more reviews than your competitors. That’s what’s going to position you higher than them in a search. The number of reviews is crucial where local SEO is concerned.

For potential customers, however, you need at least 10, as this is the average number of reviews that an Internet user will read before contacting you.


Number of consumers will favour a local establishment that respond to reviews

Do I have to respond

to reviews?

Yes! Your future customers will be reading not only the reviews themselves but also your responses to get to know you better. Did you know that they spend an average of 13 minutes reading reviews before making a decision? Make it easier for them by getting yourself noticed.

Tell your customers that you are pleased to hear from them or that you are concerned about their comments. But tell Google this, too, as it will congratulate you on your commitment to your customers. Indeed, Google appreciates that business owners care about their customers and this has a positive impact on both your e-reputation and your local SEO.

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