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Testing my local visibility

Test your online presence for free and find out whether your information is standardised and displayed on the main sites where your customers are looking for you.

Free visibility audit

The Partoo visibility audit

We analyse your online presence using control directories to see whether your business is featured in them. We also go further and analyse whether your information is correct across these platforms. See whether you are visible on Google, Foursquare or even on your country’s yellow pages.

 There are, in fact, two key factors in optimising your local SEO:

Being listed on the right platforms

In order for your customers to contact you, they have to find you! Make sure you’re visible on search engines, GPSs and social networks and in directories, as that’s where your customers will find you. Good referencing is exhaustive referencing, especially in directories that Google values highly.

Standardising your information


Being listed is essential, of course, but it’s important that the information displayed be correct so as not to mislead your customers with an incorrect phone number, for example, or the wrong opening hours, but above all because good local SEO requires information that is reliable in the eyes of the Google robots. Google helps improve consistency.

About Partoo’s solutions

Centralising reviews

Find all your Google, Facebook and TripAdvisor reviews on the same platform so you don’t miss any and always respond to your reviews.

Smart notification

Not logged in lately? Partoo will inform you of the latest reviews by e-mail so that you don’t forget to respond.

Response templates

Short of inspiration? Follow Partoo’s good practices using response templates. You will be able to create your own or use those created by our SEO experts.


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